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Xtreme HF Energey Saver

Energy Saver Chargers

HF Series - Modular HF Chargers

Discover CTI’s HF Energy Saver Chargers – your gateway to cutting-edge energy-saving solutions for industrial forklift batteries. With over five decades of unrivaled expertise, we excel in efficient charging solutions tailored for logistics firms, grocery supply chains, and retail distribution centers. Our state-of-the-art High-Frequency Battery Chargers, powered by advanced MOSFET technology, set new standards for energy efficiency and longevity, all backed by our Industry Standard Warranty.

Modular HF Chargers Benefits

Energy Cost Savings
Save on energy expenses with our efficient chargers.

Battery Life Boost
Our algorithm optimizes charging.

Peak Demand Reduction
Programmable peak
energy delay timer.

Charging Flexibility
Multi-Amp flexibility.

Ready to enhance your battery fleet’s efficiency and safety?

Xtreme HF Energy Saver: A Winner According to MHI Magazine.

Consider the Xtreme HF Energy Saver Charger by CTI for overnight lift truck battery charging during a single shift. Aligned with U.S. Department of Energy guidelines, it reduces A.C. amp draw during peak hours, achieving a 20% average reduction in peak demand. Employing (10) CTI HF Energy Saver Chargers can add grid capacity equivalent to one U.S. home.

This charger supports off-peak charging to reduce energy charges while maintaining lower demand during peak hours through extended, lower-output rate charging, meeting overall power requirements.

Overnight Lift Truck Battery Charging

Energy Saver Algorithm: Our proprietary algorithm shortens lead acid battery recharge time, optimizing rates and following BCI specifications to prevent sulfation risk.

Intelligent Module Control: Consolidate charging stations into one hub, saving valuable floor space and simplifying operations in warehouses and facilities.

DOE Summaries: Explore U.S. Department of Energy summaries on peak demand savings, aligning with previous initiatives like LED lighting in distribution centers.

Load Balancing: Low peak demand appliances reduce strain during peak hours, preventing blackouts or brownouts.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs: Lower demand means less need for costly grid upgrades, potentially leading to lower electricity rates.

Track Usage: Stay informed with our free mobile app.
Alerts for Battery Issues: Receive timely notifications to ensure uninterrupted.

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