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HF charger 4 Cabinet

3 Phase - Conventional/Opportunity/Fast

High Frequency Series - Modular HF Chargers

Explore CTI’s HF Series Modular HF Chargers – your gateway to cutting-edge charging solutions for industrial forklift batteries. With over five decades of expertise, we specialize in efficient charging for logistics firms, grocery supply chains, and retail distribution centers. Our state-of-the-art High-Frequency Battery Chargers, powered by advanced MOSFET technology, set new standards for performance and longevity, backed by our Industry Standard Warranty.

Modular HF Chargers Benefits


Stay connected effortlessly.

Lightweight Design

Versatile mounting options for convenience.

Lithium Capable
Future-proofed charging.

Lower Energy Costs
Achieve peak power conversion efficiency and substantial cost savings.

Ready to enhance your battery fleet’s efficiency and safety?

Multi-Volt, Multi-Amp, Auto-Sensing Optimize efficiency and safety for your battery fleet.

Our commitment to excellence means we provide unwavering support to meet your charging needs. What sets us apart is our offering of premium, cost-efficient solutions that outshine competitors. Our high-quality High-Frequency Battery Chargers surpass the performance of larger industry rivals. The Xtreme HF operates at lower temperatures, extending the life of our battery chargers and ensuring proper charge cycles for your industrial batteries.

Xtreme HF Forklift Battery Charger

Efficiency: Achieve peak power conversion efficiency of 95% and a nominal efficiency of 94%, ensuring optimal energy utilization and cost savings. 

Intelligent Module Control: Benefit from auto-load equalization, auto-bypass in the event of module failure, and high-efficiency MOSFET switching for reliable and adaptable battery charging.

Voltage Versatility: Charge various battery types, including Wet Lead Acid, Lithium-Ion, VRLA, and AGM, at voltages from 24-80 VDC, catering to diverse material handling equipment requirements.

User-Friendly Control: Seamlessly navigate with an LCD, keypad, and Bluetooth for quick status checks.

Advanced Communication: Bluetooth for control, add-on options like CAN Bus, LAN, or WIFI enhance connectivity.

Power Factor: 95%
Peak Efficiency: 94.5%

Consultation Experts

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