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Xtreme Ferro Charger

Ferro EX Chargers

EX Series 8 Hour Chargers

Explore CTI’s EX Series Chargers – your gateway to advanced charging solutions for industrial forklift batteries. With over five decades of experience, we excel in providing efficient charging solutions tailored to the requirements of logistics companies, grocery supply chains, and retail distribution centers. Our state-of-the-art battery chargers, powered by trusted ferroresonant technology, set new benchmarks for performance and reliability, all backed by our Industry Standard Warranty.

EX Series Chargers Benefits

Lowest cost of ownership.

Smart Charge Control
“Smart” Charge Control with Icon & Digital Display.

Reliable Technology
Trustworthy Ferroresonant Technology.

Fully Automatic Operation
Fully automatic.

Ready to enhance your battery fleet’s efficiency and safety?

Revolutionary High-Efficiency Charging Solutions. No charger is safer for your battery fleet.

Although ferroresonant technology has been around for many years, improvements are constantly being made, and today, our charger boasts high efficiency, 87%, and a power factor exceeding 90%, close to that of other manufacturers’ high-frequency chargers. Sophisticated charge control monitors the battery throughout the charge and delivers a safe, complete charge to keep your fleet healthy and running!

Lift Truck with Xtreme Farro Charger

Battery Health Monitoring: Employs sophisticated charge control technology to continuously monitor battery health throughout the charging process, ensuring the longevity and reliability of your fleet.

Seamless Communication: Establish constant communication between your battery and charger, guaranteeing a perfect charge every time and minimizing the risk of overcharging or undercharging.

Intuitive Graphic Icon Display: Easily identify charge status and battery readiness with a user-friendly graphic icon display, streamlining your fleet management.

Safety First: Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed, our chargers provide failsafe charging for your battery fleet, minimizing potential risks.

Versatile AC Voltage Options: Available in all AC voltage configurations, both single and three-phase, to cater to your specific charging needs.

Robust Failsafe Design.
Over 10 Years of Reliable Performance.

Consultation Experts

Give us a call to discuss your charging needs. Our sales and engineering staff will provide expert consultation.