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Single Phase Constant Current and Loaner Shop

Loaner Shop Charger

Constant Current Shop Series Chargers

Experience maximum output current from a standard 120 volt/15-amp receptacle with our Loaner Shop Charger. This powerful charger comes in two convenient models, one with a wheel and handle kit (LS) and the other as a standalone unit (CCS).

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Versatility Meets Power. Choose Your Model: With Wheel Kit (LS) or Standalone (CCS).

Upgrade your charging capabilities with our Loaner Shop Chargers. Offering maximum output current from a standard 120-volt/15-amp receptacle, these versatile chargers come in two models: one with a wheel and handle kit (LS) and the other standalone (CCS). With over 50 years of industry experience, Charging Technologies IncTM provides reliable solutions tailored to your power needs. Experience precise control with automatic start/stop functionality and optional mechanical timer and ammeter integration. Whether you choose the LS or CCS model, our Loaner Shop Chargers are designed to enhance your operations.

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Input: 120 VAC, 15 amps maximum AC draw. 

Max Output: 28 amps DC for 2 – 24 lead-acid cells,
output current tapers to maintain input watts. 

Weight: 110 lbs (Including wheel kit), 88 lbs (Without). 

Dimensions: LS = 36”H, 27”W, 17-3/4”D;
CCS = 20.5”H, 17.25”W, 14.75”D. 

Control: Automatic Start/Stop (settable for hours of recharge) with optional mechanical timer and ammeter for precise charging. 

Power Cord: 8-foot of 14/3 SJTOW cord with
molded 15-amp plug.

DC Cables: 8-foot, 4 AWG color-coded
(red Positive, black Negative). 

Connector: SB175 gray connector. 

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