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Constant Current 3 PH Charger

Ferro Constant Current Chargers

Constant Current

Explore CTI’s EX Series Chargers – your gateway to advanced charging solutions for industrial forklift batteries. With over five decades of experience, we excel in providing efficient charging solutions tailored to the requirements of logistics companies, grocery supply chains, and retail distribution centers. Our state-of-the-art battery chargers, powered by trusted ferroresonant technology, set new benchmarks for performance and reliability, all backed by our Industry Standard Warranty.

Constant Current Chargers Benefits

Consistent charge curves for efficiency.

Versatile Compatibility
Adaptable to broad range of battery voltages and amp hours

Dependable Technology
Reliable ferroresonant technology ensures consistency.

Precise Control
Tailored charge times for efficiency.

Ready to enhance your battery fleet’s efficiency and safety?

Versatile Solid State Reliability. Proudly USA Made with Advanced Ferroresonant Technology.

Constant current chargers offer a consistent charge curve, ensuring optimal performance as battery voltage rises. Perfect for various battery sizes, these chargers are essential for rental fleets, service loaners, and battery-service shops. Explore our CCS models, available in both single and three phases, designed for high-output requirements. With dependable AC input currents, these chargers are ideal for fixed installations and adapt to diverse battery types and voltages.

Forklift Battery Charging in Warehouse

Consistent Charge Curve: Ensure optimal performance as battery voltage rises with our chargers’ consistent charge curve.

Versatility: Available in models accommodating up to 40 cells, these chargers are versatile enough to handle diverse batteries and voltages.

Dependable Design: Built with trustworthy ferroresonant technology, our chargers offer reliable and efficient charging for various battery sizes.

Maximum Charge Time Setting: Set the backup timer value for precise charging. Simply calculate the AH removed and needed to recharge, then program the charge hours accordingly.

Programmable Settings: Choose between 12-hour and 24-hour modes for tailored charging according to your battery’s needs.

Efficient Charge Management: Ensure efficient charging with DVDT/DIDT monitoring, terminating the process once complete.

Consultation Experts

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