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About Charging Technologies

Celebrating 50 Years 1974-2024

Charging Technologies Inc™ was incorporated as Ferro Magnetics in 1974 in St. Louis, Missouri as an industrial battery charger company. On October 1, 2017 we changed our name to Charging Technologies Inc to more closely reflect the core focus of our business.

In 2001, Mike Franklin became President and CEO and brought a culture dedicated to serving our customers with a product built to last, delivered as promised, and at a competitive price. One of the big keys to this success is that all controls and printed circuit boards used in Charging Technologies Inc™ chargers are built on site in our manufacturing facility in Bridgeton, Missouri.

Charging Technologies HQ

Unlike most US companies that just sell industrial chargers, Charging Technologies Inc™ is unique in providing chargers that are designed, tested, and built exclusively in the USA, including the power modules used in our high frequency “Xtreme” charger line.

Quality is easier to promise and deliver when using an experienced workforce, and at Charging Technologies Inc™ our average time of service is more than 19 years.

Charging Technologies Inc™ has been a private labeler for multiple name brand charger manufacturers since its inception. Today, along with private labeling for others, we market thru Power Factor™ and Extreme Power™ dealers across North America.

Decades of Excellence: Our Story in Numbers

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Every market segment has been supplied with Charging Technologies Inc™ chargers for the past 50 years – automotive, food and drug manufacturing and distribution, warehousing, transportation, mining as well as local small businesses. If your business uses electric operated lift trucks, pallet jacks or ATV’s, Charging Technologies Inc™ has a charger to meet your individual application.

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